invertm3u is a command line utility and Java library that creates an inverted M3U playlist file based on one or more existing M3U files and a working directory. The inverted M3U file contains all files from the working directory that are not listed in the existing M3U files.

Possible usage is to create a M3U playlist of files which are not covered by any of your playlists and thus are long forgotten ;-)


invertm3u is licenced under the MIT licence. Feel free to use it!


Downloads can be found on the project website of invertm3u.

About the author / Contact

I, Sven Jacobs, am a software architect living near Cologne, Germany with interests in modern high level programming languages (Java, C#), web projects and open source software.

If you like this little piece of software and are using it, please drop me a note about it. Thank you!

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